Founded in 2008, ILAND green technologies SA (hereafter referred to as ILAND) offers ‘turnkey’ packs of generators (no specific prior installation required) and integrated solutions in the sphere of solar systems and technology (awnings, solar pack for mobility, etc.). ILAND has based its product development research on the needs of professionals generally using fuel generators in their activities electric hammer drill, on the definition of rural electrification projects in emerging countries, as well as on experiences from outdoor activities such as expeditions and explorations. Our product has found a natural use in security and rescue situations without access to electrical networks, such as civil defense, army, police, etc.

The iLAND Team:

  • Daniele Oppizzi : CEO
  • Richard Tille : Europe Market development
  • Najoua Afkir : Back Office Director
  • Garance Deschenaux : Executive assistant
  • Céline Fischer : Executive assistant
  • Sylvain Oppizzi : Production assistant
  • Sergio Lopes : Product development assistant
  • Théo Gallandat : internship
  • Bertrand Pinon : Event Communications
  1. OEM of ILAND:

ILAND produces customized solar modules and intergrated small jackhammer products for product designers and standalone applications.

Thanks to its exclusive partnership with FLEXCELL, ILAND has developed its own patents for its products. ILAND develops solutions forits clients from FLEXCELL cells or from technology developed by itself.

Solar panels

Our OEM modules are unbreakable, since they do not content any glass, thin, flexible, lightweight and resistant to extreme weather conditions, both in terms of temperature and solar radiation.

Thank to these specific characteristics, the solar modules can be integrated into a wide range of applications, such as wireless electronics, roads signs, emergency systems or consumer products, such as sunshades or handbags.

Integrated systems

Our OEM systems are unbreakable and resistant to extreme weather conditions (military standards).

Thank to these specific characteristics, the OEM systems can be integrated into a wide range of applications, such as wireless electronics, roads signs, emergency systems or consumer products, such as sunshades or handbags.

Are you developing a new solar product? Don’t hesitate to contact us ! We offer you design assistance and technical support for the integration of our modules into your product.

The following information must be taken into consideration when designing your product :

Dimensions of our OEM modules

  • rectangular shape
  • width : a few centimetres up to 350 centimeters
  • length: up to a few meters


  • The active width defines the voltage ouput of the module (approx. 0.60 V / cm)
  • The active length defines the current output of the module (approx. 10 mA/cm)
  • Possible connection in series or in parallel to match the power and voltage requirements!
  • Power of OEM modules is 50-65W/m2

OEM Pricing

  1. Costs
  • Basic price between 5 and 10,000 EUR for pre-study design
  • and next steps costs based on the importance of the project
  1. Stages of the pre-study
  • Study design of photovoltaic cells (the overall feasibility study, power calculation, feasibility study based on technologies available on the market, calculating costs for the production (if necessary) of cells, reporting).
  • Needs assessment in electronic control and possible storage units (power calculation, looking for optimal solutions, assessing the costs of any new development report).
  • Study of the ergonomics aspects of the project (integration of modules, electronics, batteries in a product integrated into the product requested by the client, developing preliminary solutions for the customer, report).
  1. Project budget and deadlines

Which ATVs and DIRT BIKES can you buy for your kids

There has been so much buzz in the recent years about the ATVs and DIRT BIKES for kids. Are they safe? Do they come with features much similar to those in the original versions designed for adults? To answer all your questions, let us see about some of the popular products. This must help you understand the mechanics and the safety features of these sophisticated ride-ons. This can also help you decide which one you should be buying for your kids.

When it comes to choosing a toy or a baby gear or ride-on, there might be a million thinks we question about. Will the toy add some value? Will the kid really enjoy playing with it? Will it be completely safe for the kid? How long will you be able to use the toy? These are just few in the list. Kids are n3atural risk-takers. They always love doing things which are thrilling and which gives them the rush and the excitement. Dirt bike racing is one thing which comes to mind when we talk about thrill and risks. If you thought those were meant only for adults, gone are those times. Dirt bikes are for kids too! As exciting as they are, they come with impressive safety aspects too. So you could let your kids have their fair share of excitement safely.

Among the various dirt bikes from Razor as the one that falls in the intermediate segment, we tested Razor MX500! It performs pretty well for a mid-range dirt bike. With a not too heavy, yet not too slow 500W motor, it comes with a 36V battery system and gives a good 40mintues of use after a full charge. The manufacturer recommended age is over 14years. Children up to over 100lbs could also ride the bike easily. And the solid frame construction is durable. So on the whole, it would be a worthy investment.

Another great outdoor ride-on to consider purchasing for your kid is a go-kart. There are go-karts specifically designed for kids which are sure to offer hours of fun. So what are you waiting for? BUY ONLINE – Razor GO Kart comes in various models to suit kids in different age categories. With raw original styling, these go-karts are great on the safety aspects. Every aspect of the detailing is done to match the exact adult version of go-karts. The seats are designed to offer safety and comfort to the little rider. The top speed permitted in each of the model is fixed based on the ideal age criteria given for the particular go kart model.

For much smaller kids, Fisher Price power wheels sells this Kawasaki KFX model! Do not get carried away by the size. This tiny little machine comes with some slick controls, rugged build and a rechargeable 12V battery driven motor. There are two levels of maximum speed you could set in this- 3 and 6 mph based on how confident your kid is in driving the racer. What’s more? This even comes with a reverse mode!

Types Of Binoculars Based On Usage

Binoculars are nowadays essential travel equipment. Based on multiple factors like field of view, picture clarity and sharpness, night viewing capability, magnification, weight, photo sensitivity etc. there are different types of binoculars available in the market. Some factors are important for some needs and some factors are not of importance in certain use cases. Below is a list of different types of binoculars based on the usage.


Mankind has hunted since time immemorial, first as food and it has become a hobby for some. With advent of technology there are good binoculars available for hunting. It is now an important arsenal to hunters. Hunting with Binoculars? Read these reviews! Before buying as factors like field of view is important to track animal movements over a wide range and magnification also plays a role. If not for hunting these binoculars come handy just for sightseeing in a jungle safari.


If you have the habit of star gazing at night, a telescope would help but they are not easily available nor are affordable. Binoculars solve this problem. Magnification is an important factor for astronomical binoculars as we would be seeing far away stars and planets. Read reviews of what would suit your needs and budget before buying them.


There are two types of binoculars needed based on usage in sailing. Marine binoculars are what are needed by people who go on boats; these binoculars need to have good robustness to withstand difficult weather conditions. The other type of binocular is used to watch sailing and boat races. Here the movement of boats are not fast but one needs a wider field of view. To buy the best binoculars check out https://www.nightvisionoptic.com/binoculars-for-boats-watching/


Similar to sailing there are many sports that are conducted over a vast area, for example football, baseball and other games are conducted on vast stadiums. Though TV provides a good view these days there is nothing compared to live excitement and to compensate for close camera shots, one can use binoculars to have a close view of the action in the middle. Good magnification and image quality are important here.

Military & Night Vision:

People in military have different needs compared to normal citizens they need night vision and a good field of view. Night vision binoculars are special types of binoculars which first convert light in to electrical signals and then amplify them and then convert them back to images. This certainly increases the cost of the binoculars and affects clarity of image. Thus one has to buy the best binoculars by reading [Reviews 2016/2017]Nnight vision – binoculars .

Bird Watching:

There are special types of birding binoculars for bird seeing. These binoculars are supposed to have good magnification and better field of view for tracking the birds and seeing them in a magnified manner. It is better if these are of light weight since one may have to trek or hike to get a better view of birds.

Irrespective of the type of binocular one has to do some research by reading reviews online and find out which factors are important and which are not. Then based on budget one can buy a better product.

Cannon DSLR Cameras

Whether you are looking for Cannon SLR or Nikon SLR Cameras, both are great brands. Even Pentax cameras quality and speed is well known. There are other brands too that offer good DSLR cameras.

But in this article, we will share some information on Cannon as a brand and about one of its products.

* Canon DSLR Cameras are synonymous to the art of photography. They provide customization options along with its quality lens to its customers.

* Whatever be your purpose of buying the Cannon DSLR cameras, you will get a wide collection in Canon DSLRs.

* All Cannon cameras provide you with smart designs and great features so whichever you will chose it will surely suit your requirement.

* These cameras can be useful when you wish to take real wildlife photographs, shoot beautiful sceneries or even amazing portraits of people, animals etc.

* You can find different types of lenses and apertures in these cameras which will give you the option of enjoying the kind photography that you like.

* There are also lightweight Canon mirror less cameras available which gives an amazing image shooting option.

* One thing is for sure, if you are using a Cannon, you will never be dissatisfied.

Cannon Rebel T5i

Canon has been a well known in the DSLR market for beginners and it has recently come up with new variety of accessories and lenses. One of its best basic DSLR model is Rebel T5i. This camera is well known for giving you great quality. Its features are also very interesting, thus making it a great choice for you if you are stepping in the photography industry as a beginner.

Cannon Rebel T5i Review

* This DSLR has an APS-C sensor quite similar to its competitors.

* It is also a bit older and may not be as great in dynamic range.

* Its color depth may also not be very good. And it is not very good in low light as well.

* It has a touch screen where you can easily switch between different options and it is considered one of the main features of this camera.

* For the beginners, one of the other important features of this camera is that when you adjust the exposure settings, the image preview gets updated quickly which makes it easy for you to understand if there are any changes in the aperture. You can also know if there is a change in the shutter speed or even the ISO.

* The T5i is great for shooting videos as it can very quickly move into video mode and its screen makes it easier to shoot as well. You can also adjust the setting from any angle. The high quality kit lens enables you to click great shots even on the move.

* One of the other features that you might find interesting can be that when you autofocus this camera in video mode, the microphone will not pick up any background noise.

* When compared to some of the other DSLRs, Cannon Rebel T5i does not really have that good image.

For This Grilling Season, Go For Any Of These B-B-Q Grills

With the grilling season round the corner, grilling is the way to cook. Some people just love the feeling of cooking over charcoal and getting the smoke out while cooking their meat whereas others prefer the convenience of grilling over gas.

Even though gas lacks the excitement of charcoal, but it can give you even heated and cooked meat at a short notice. Also most of the gas grill reviews say that they love cooking delicate food on gas as it ensures that it does not get wasted like it does on charcoal. However, to pick out which gas grill can be your best choice is a difficult decision to make. You can try out from the regular gas grills in your grocery store to even Weber – a great gas grill brand. Here is a list of some of these gas grills for your reference:

Napoleon Rogue 425: It has a combination of high-quality materials, 625-square-inch grill surface along with an offering of even cooking. This company is based out of Ontario, Canada and it has been manufacturing grills since 1976. Over so many years, it has developed a reputation for quality and reliability and is a good competition to Weber.

Char-Broil Advantage Four Burner Grill: If you are looking for a char broil tru infrared grill, then you can surely try this one. It comes at half the price of a Weber Sprit-310 but with almost all the features being the same. But it may also not so long as Weber or Napoleon or any similar more expensive products. However if you are cooking chops or cooking anything else it will give you even cooking and super fast as well.

In addition to these, it has a 600 square inch grill surface with a side burner for boiling and sautéing. It also has a warming rack and it will come with 5 year warranty on the burners and 2 year on firebox.

Weber Spirit E-310: One of the expensive and popular grills is Weber Spirit 310 as it comes nothing less than $ 500. Constructed from high-quality materials this grill is definitely built to last. Known for its reliability and longevity, Weber comes with 10 year warranty against corrosion and rust. It has a 529 square inch cooking surface, three burners, porcelain-coated grates, and a porcelain-coated exterior for extra protection. If you are looking for a Weber and want to buy a life-long grill, then Weber Spirit E-310 is the best option.


Broil Mate 165154: This grill might not be very stylish but it makes up in terms of its great performance and price of close to $ 200.

It has a compact cast-aluminum body with a single H burner that are controlled by two dials. It also has a pair of side shelves with 400 square inches grilling surface. It is also one of the easiest grills to assemble by yourself as it is pretty small.

The housing of this grill comes with a lifetime guarantee, and the burners with the stainless-steel components come with five years.

If you do not really like any of these B-B-Q grills, you can also try the pellet grill which comes with a different technology. There are many pellet grills available to choose from and one of them which are very popular is Pellet Smoker.

Are you Camping in Wilderness ?? – One of your Best mate is a Survivalist Knife!!!

Amidst of the hustle and bustle in a big city, it’s always refreshing to escape into the wilderness. This can be achieved by planning a camping trip, one of the best ways to steam off somestress. It helps in re-energizing oneself. With not much modern technology around to meet our daily needs, we need to depend on one of the Stone Age instrument – Knife. Soinvesting time in buying a good knife is a sensible idea to exist in the wild.

Camping Survival

Once you decide to go for a camping trip, you will be absolutely depending on nature for your survival needs like food and shelter. Although we can carry some ready-made food items, its always best to be prepared for the worst. Why does one need a Survival knives? How does it differ from regularknives?..These questions immediately pop into our mind. Hmmm…that sounds pretty interesting questions to ponder upon. Survival knives are basically the knives which will help us to survive in an emergency situation. When a person loses all his/her belongings accidentally, just with this knife he/she will be able to survive until help arrives or until he/she could reach a nearby town. A good survival knife will help him/her to protect themselves against wild animals and can also be used to huntfood. Now let’s look at the need for a good survival knife.

Camping chores

Following are some of the essential camping chores which requires a good knife.

* Campfire — For Splitting the Kindling for the fire

* Food – skinning the animals to make it edible or chopping vegetables

* Fishing

* Hunting

Choosing a Survivalknife:

The best way to choose a survival knife is to select based on one’s personal preferences. One needs to be comfortable while using the knife. So am going to list some of the most preferred features in a survival knife.

1. Easy to Deploy

2. Sturdy

3. Fixed blade than foldable blade feature

4. Firm grip

5. Sharp pointed tip


Ka-bar Becker BK2 – Perfect Survivalist Knife:

Ka-bar Becker BK2 knife is one of the perfect survival knife available in the market . This comes in par with the best spyderco knife available in the market for a lesser price. It is a

sturdy full tang heavy duty field knife. Its dimension is 18 * 5 *5 inches and weighs a pound. Probably weight is the only con. Its one of the ergonomically designed affordable survival knife . The drop point blade feature makes the knife sharp and controllable. It is perfect for slicing.The knife comes with the hard shell black nylon sheath that protects the knife extensively from all the abuses of trekking and camping. The product is designed by Ethan Becker. He is a hiker and a chef . So for a person who knows the purpose, has designed it perfectly in order to cater to a camper’s needs.

There is no doubt that kabar becker bk2 will remainone of the best tactical knives for 2016 and 2017 .Its desirable for its heavier blade suitable for the heavy tasks. It even produces sparks because of its carbon steel blade which helps in campfires.

How To Decide On The 3 D Printing Software

As you might have already done a review of the most recommended 3d PRINTERS and also found the best 3 D Printer for the money you wish to spend, now it important for you to know which is the best 3d printer software . But first let us understand the purpose of a 3 D Printer Software and how to choose the best 3 D Printer software.

What Is The Purpose Of a 3 D Printer Software

A 3 D Printer Slicer Software runs on a computer to interpret a 3 D File of STL, M3F or OBJ type and cuts the object as per the file in many horizontal layers. These layers then project a set path which the print head can follow line by line and layer by layer. So, basically if follows these simple steps:

1. More or less it creates a tool path on the basis of the STL file specifications.

2. It will then create a percentage of infill to save the 3 D printing time and material0.

3. It also creates a more or less tool path on the basis of the STL file specifications.

4. It will also create a percentage of infill to save on the 3 D printing time as well as its material.

5. It will finally also construct the support if necessary to correct the point of required geometry and after it is finished, these supports will be removed automatically.

If you are using the right software, you will notice that you will not encounter any misprint or run into generic 3 D printing issues best 3d printer for the money .

How to Know Which 3 D Printing Software to Use

When you are looking for the best 3 D printer slicer software, there are many factors to consider.

1. Speed: The STL import speed may not be very important but when you have complicated files on a slow computer, it might be really useful.

2. View: When you are looking for a good software, keep in mind that it should quickly and efficiently turn and zoom to any point of your 3 D model to give you a good look when you wish.

3. Repair: If there are any concerns in the printing process, it should be able to give you an indication of the same and repair them automatically as well.

4. Flexibility: One needs to keep in mind how difficult it may be for beginners and experts. And also if you can get the history of any modifications made, and of your files, and are you able to make changes easily.

5. Estimates: You should be able to know the duration of the print and the material used by the printer.

6. Price: The cost of the software always matters. You can also get some free software and this can save some cost for you.

7. Customer Support: Do check if you can get online support and if you are able to discuss your concerns with fellow users.

Last but not the least also know which filament to use for your printer. You can also get sometimes cheap filament for 3d printer [INFO] on the internet. But keep in mind that you also need a good quality of filament as it will affect your final product.

No Break From Power Thanks To Solar Panels

Isn’t it painful when you are watching an interesting match and the power goes off? Having your own source of electricity at home that is not dependent on fuel is indeed a blessing. Having solar panels at home to generate your own electricity and heat is a fantastic idea. The icing on the cake is that you are not contributing to the pollution. The silver lining is that you feel good about using the solar panels.

Many people are tempted to try out solar energy but are afraid for many reasons such as the expense and the viability. Buying a solar generator for no electricity bills is a reason to buy it. Once the solar panel kicks off, there are no additional running costs involved. Maintenance will be the only expense to be taken care of. Regular checking up on the tool will ensure the longevity and smooth running.

In the age of technology where most of the things are online and digital, continuous power is absolutely vital. There are gadgets powered with solar energy that can charge any instrument from headlamps and mp3 players to laptops and DSLR cameras. Knowing how important these gadgets are to keep the everyday life going, having an uninterrupted supply of power seems like a very prudent idea. There are many products in the market that can provide you with an unlimited supply of power.

Goal zero is a good equipment to start with if you are looking for renewable energy. The goal zero review have only good things to say about the brand. With zero apathy, zero boundaries, and zero regrets this instrument could be the answer to all your power issues. It works on the simple principle of collecting power, storing power and supplying power.

The goal zero yeti 150 solar generator has been generating excellent reviews. It is as simple as a plug and play tool. When you need power, all you have to do is turn it on. It is a gas-free generator that causes no harm to the environment. It charges all your day-to-day equipment to make sure that your life goes on. Charging the goal zero yeti 150 solar generator is as easy as it gets. It is versatile and user-friendly.

* The sun – Connect the instrument to a solar panel that is compatible.

* Switchboard – Connect the instrument to a regular outlet in the wall.

* Vehicle – The instrument can also be plugged into your car for charging.

Ensure that the batteries are kept full at all times and are not drained completely. Keep an eye on the LCD battery display at all times to ensure that you keep track of the battery levels.

There is cheap 18ah battery available in the market. Popular websites are filled with what it takes to keep your supply uninterrupted. With these batteries, you need not worry about external sources such as fuel power. You have all the backup that you need in the palm of your hands. The power of the sun is yours to use at your discretion. Use it wisely.

Lead Singers And Podcasters Find Their Best Microphone

Whether it is singing or simple talking as in the case of a podcast, a great microphone can make a huge difference to the sound quality. After all it is not just transmission of sound that we want. The transmitted sound needs to be clear and free of anything other than the sound that is being recorded. Here we give you some tips on choosing one for lead singing and podcasting.

Feature of a good podcasting microphone

1. Cardioid pick-up pattern

A cardioid mic will pick-up sound from the front and is less sensitive to sound from the sides. This is ideal to prevent background noise as many podcasters simply record from the comfort of their home.

2. Pop filter

Talking can create a lot of popping sound especially when pronouncing the words with a ‘p’ sound in it. Audio recordings with pop sounds in them make them sound less professional. A mic with either an in-built pop filter or an external one is ideal.

3. Shock-mount

As most podcasting involves the use of computers, disturbances from keying in and using other gadgets around need to be counteracted by an in-built shock-mount system.

4. Additional settings

As not everyone who creates podcasts has access to a dedicated studio, it is ideal if your mic has some basic settings to adjust the output. Some mics have gain control to adjust the

sensitivity. Some others can have controls on it to reduce picking up sounds in the lower frequency. This way booming can be reduced and only the voice is picked up.


You can do your own research and find the right one for your or simply leave the job to us as our best microphone for podcasting is HERE or even go directly to insert relevant image and link’.

Your fist microphone

When you are a lead-singer, it is always good to have your own personal mic and a good one that will not put too much strain on your voice. Buying your first mic can be a big ritual in itself as you try to buy the best. But instead of buying an expensive one, it is always best to try a few cheap ones and then settle on one that works the best for you.

Buying a cheap mic does not mean you compromise on quality. There are some great brands that offer some good mics for lead singers and at very competitive prices. A great place to start your search would be reading up this Audio technica at2020 review for cheap models.

Why do you need a wireless microphone?

Gone are the days when singers had to drag along their microphone’s chord on the stage limiting their movement. You can now move around as much as you want, thanks to wireless microphones. What’s even better, you can even get off stage and sing amidst the audience. Wireless mics are the best ones for on-stage singers.

Do you have trouble finding the best wireless microphone in stores near you!? Then you can look for them in many online stores. Chances are you might even find them on sale and get a good deal.

Reach The Skyscrapers From The Ground

A quad copter is a form of helicopter that is operated using four rotors. It is otherwise known as a multi-rotor helicopter. Though they are smaller in size when compared to the helicopters, they operate efficiently in certain places where the other flying objects cannot operate. Quadcopters have few merits and these points make them a stand-alone system. These small steel birds also function as the best piece of advanced technology for kids, in the form of cheap drones for kids.

4. Quadcopters, as said above are operated using four rotors and hence they demand very little kinetic energy. Since there are four rotors, the weight is balanced equally and the possibilities for damages are minimal.

5. For purposes that require a keen watch and minute description, these air birds have an edge over the helicopters and it is for this reason they are designed to be cheap drones small and sleek.

6. They are designed simple and small to make their maintenance very simple and easy.

7. The rotors on which these objects fly are braced with steel frames. This keeps them safe from harsh weather conditions and also helps to avoid damages in cases of crashes.

All these might be some of the major merits for those in the research field; apart from this they are also used by kids for play purposes.

When it is about quad copters, the very popular Holystone quadcopters cannot be missed from the list for they are the best in the market and have been leading in the market for very long.

Features of holystone quadcopters:

4. These quadcopters are multi-directional. Unlike the other flying devices, these drones can turn in all four directions without any effort and hence makes their use an efficient one.

5. The battery that is used for these devices is definitely to be mentioned about for they can be charged in just 1 hour. These drones come with USB charging cables hence they can be charged connecting to a computer.

6. It comes with a 2MP camera hence can transmit clear pictures to the operator.

7. The remote with which these drones are operated comes with an LCD screen through which the operator can locate the device easily and also the information transmitted by the flying drone.

8. The technology used in these flying steel birds is a very advanced one. But repairing them is very simple. The rotors can be easily detached from the main part easily for replacement and this makes the repairing part of these drones very simple and effortless. The operator can himself handle the maintenance with the kit that comes with the device.

9. They are very easy to fly and they just require a remote control system that can operate them from any distance even without a sight of them.

This review is about one of the famous drones operating and in demand in the market; apart from this there are many more and details and information about all of them can be collected from http://www.bestairbd.com/top-rated-drones/ and Best Air BD DOT com .