Which ATVs and DIRT BIKES can you buy for your kids

There has been so much buzz in the recent years about the ATVs and DIRT BIKES for kids. Are they safe? Do they come with features much similar to those in the original versions designed for adults? To answer all your questions, let us see about some of the popular products. This must help you understand the mechanics and the safety features of these sophisticated ride-ons. This can also help you decide which one you should be buying for your kids.

When it comes to choosing a toy or a baby gear or ride-on, there might be a million thinks we question about. Will the toy add some value? Will the kid really enjoy playing with it? Will it be completely safe for the kid? How long will you be able to use the toy? These are just few in the list. Kids are n3atural risk-takers. They always love doing things which are thrilling and which gives them the rush and the excitement. Dirt bike racing is one thing which comes to mind when we talk about thrill and risks. If you thought those were meant only for adults, gone are those times. Dirt bikes are for kids too! As exciting as they are, they come with impressive safety aspects too. So you could let your kids have their fair share of excitement safely.

Among the various dirt bikes from Razor as the one that falls in the intermediate segment, we tested Razor MX500! It performs pretty well for a mid-range dirt bike. With a not too heavy, yet not too slow 500W motor, it comes with a 36V battery system and gives a good 40mintues of use after a full charge. The manufacturer recommended age is over 14years. Children up to over 100lbs could also ride the bike easily. And the solid frame construction is durable. So on the whole, it would be a worthy investment.

Another great outdoor ride-on to consider purchasing for your kid is a go-kart. There are go-karts specifically designed for kids which are sure to offer hours of fun. So what are you waiting for? BUY ONLINE – Razor GO Kart comes in various models to suit kids in different age categories. With raw original styling, these go-karts are great on the safety aspects. Every aspect of the detailing is done to match the exact adult version of go-karts. The seats are designed to offer safety and comfort to the little rider. The top speed permitted in each of the model is fixed based on the ideal age criteria given for the particular go kart model.

For much smaller kids, Fisher Price power wheels sells this Kawasaki KFX model! Do not get carried away by the size. This tiny little machine comes with some slick controls, rugged build and a rechargeable 12V battery driven motor. There are two levels of maximum speed you could set in this- 3 and 6 mph based on how confident your kid is in driving the racer. What’s more? This even comes with a reverse mode!