Are you Camping in Wilderness ?? – One of your Best mate is a Survivalist Knife!!!

Amidst of the hustle and bustle in a big city, it’s always refreshing to escape into the wilderness. This can be achieved by planning a camping trip, one of the best ways to steam off somestress. It helps in re-energizing oneself. With not much modern technology around to meet our daily needs, we need to depend on one of the Stone Age instrument – Knife. Soinvesting time in buying a good knife is a sensible idea to exist in the wild.

Camping Survival

Once you decide to go for a camping trip, you will be absolutely depending on nature for your survival needs like food and shelter. Although we can carry some ready-made food items, its always best to be prepared for the worst. Why does one need a Survival knives? How does it differ from regularknives?..These questions immediately pop into our mind. Hmmm…that sounds pretty interesting questions to ponder upon. Survival knives are basically the knives which will help us to survive in an emergency situation. When a person loses all his/her belongings accidentally, just with this knife he/she will be able to survive until help arrives or until he/she could reach a nearby town. A good survival knife will help him/her to protect themselves against wild animals and can also be used to huntfood. Now let’s look at the need for a good survival knife.

Camping chores

Following are some of the essential camping chores which requires a good knife.

* Campfire — For Splitting the Kindling for the fire

* Food – skinning the animals to make it edible or chopping vegetables

* Fishing

* Hunting

Choosing a Survivalknife:

The best way to choose a survival knife is to select based on one’s personal preferences. One needs to be comfortable while using the knife. So am going to list some of the most preferred features in a survival knife.

1. Easy to Deploy

2. Sturdy

3. Fixed blade than foldable blade feature

4. Firm grip

5. Sharp pointed tip


Ka-bar Becker BK2 – Perfect Survivalist Knife:

Ka-bar Becker BK2 knife is one of the perfect survival knife available in the market . This comes in par with the best spyderco knife available in the market for a lesser price. It is a

sturdy full tang heavy duty field knife. Its dimension is 18 * 5 *5 inches and weighs a pound. Probably weight is the only con. Its one of the ergonomically designed affordable survival knife . The drop point blade feature makes the knife sharp and controllable. It is perfect for slicing.The knife comes with the hard shell black nylon sheath that protects the knife extensively from all the abuses of trekking and camping. The product is designed by Ethan Becker. He is a hiker and a chef . So for a person who knows the purpose, has designed it perfectly in order to cater to a camper’s needs.

There is no doubt that kabar becker bk2 will remainone of the best tactical knives for 2016 and 2017 .Its desirable for its heavier blade suitable for the heavy tasks. It even produces sparks because of its carbon steel blade which helps in campfires.