Lead Singers And Podcasters Find Their Best Microphone

Whether it is singing or simple talking as in the case of a podcast, a great microphone can make a huge difference to the sound quality. After all it is not just transmission of sound that we want. The transmitted sound needs to be clear and free of anything other than the sound that is being recorded. Here we give you some tips on choosing one for lead singing and podcasting.

Feature of a good podcasting microphone

1. Cardioid pick-up pattern

A cardioid mic will pick-up sound from the front and is less sensitive to sound from the sides. This is ideal to prevent background noise as many podcasters simply record from the comfort of their home.

2. Pop filter

Talking can create a lot of popping sound especially when pronouncing the words with a ‘p’ sound in it. Audio recordings with pop sounds in them make them sound less professional. A mic with either an in-built pop filter or an external one is ideal.

3. Shock-mount

As most podcasting involves the use of computers, disturbances from keying in and using other gadgets around need to be counteracted by an in-built shock-mount system.

4. Additional settings

As not everyone who creates podcasts has access to a dedicated studio, it is ideal if your mic has some basic settings to adjust the output. Some mics have gain control to adjust the

sensitivity. Some others can have controls on it to reduce picking up sounds in the lower frequency. This way booming can be reduced and only the voice is picked up.


You can do your own research and find the right one for your or simply leave the job to us as our best microphone for podcasting is HERE or even go directly to insert relevant image and link’.

Your fist microphone

When you are a lead-singer, it is always good to have your own personal mic and a good one that will not put too much strain on your voice. Buying your first mic can be a big ritual in itself as you try to buy the best. But instead of buying an expensive one, it is always best to try a few cheap ones and then settle on one that works the best for you.

Buying a cheap mic does not mean you compromise on quality. There are some great brands that offer some good mics for lead singers and at very competitive prices. A great place to start your search would be reading up this Audio technica at2020 review for cheap models.

Why do you need a wireless microphone?

Gone are the days when singers had to drag along their microphone’s chord on the stage limiting their movement. You can now move around as much as you want, thanks to wireless microphones. What’s even better, you can even get off stage and sing amidst the audience. Wireless mics are the best ones for on-stage singers.

Do you have trouble finding the best wireless microphone in stores near you!? Then you can look for them in many online stores. Chances are you might even find them on sale and get a good deal.